What is the best spot to install a small wind turbine?

Since small wind turbines are usually installed at relatively low heights, they are very susceptible to turbulence. Thus, it is very important to minimize this influence by carefully choosing the exact spot for a wind turbine installation. For example, the photo on this page is a good example of a bad spot.

Wind turbulence has a drastic effect on a small wind turbine perfomance, it introduces additional mechanical stress to blades and construction and reduces the energy output. Turbulence is created by surrounding objects (buildings, trees, etc) and landscape details (hills, valleys, etc).

Since You usually are constrained by the borders of Your land and price of the electric cable from Your turbine to the connection point, some compromises have to be made. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that Your turbine is at least twice as high as any nearby object if the distance between them is lower than 10 x h, where h is the height of this object.

The turbine should also be some distance (tower height) away from neighbour land or places where people or animals stay for extended periods of time.

Never install a wind turbine, irregardless of its size, on a building.