So, where do I begin?

First of all, You are to congratulate Yourself on asking the right question and finding the perfect place to find anwers for it! Below are a few steps that will bring You from an idea to the actual Your very own wind turbine:

1. It is best to start about general information on small wind turbines and wind in general. Good reading material can be found here, here and here.
2. The next step is to contact us! We can help to assess Your installation site, provide You with technical documents and assist with all the steps below. You can even use our wind turbine overlay to check how it will look on Your location!
3. Now would be probably a good time to contact Your electrical grid company and ask them about the necessary steps to connect Your future wind turbine to the grid. It will probably require filling out some forms and/or making some drawings, but do not worry - we will take care of technical stuff for You! For example, check out the pre-filled form for the Estonian grid authority - You need only to put in Your name and we are good to go!
4. Once that is out of the way, You will need to apply for the building permit. The local authorities should have some more forms for You to fill, but nothing too technical this time.
5. Now we are all set for real work to begin! By this time we have received our 50% prepayment and are working day and night to have Your new wind turbine ready as soon as possible (though it may take us up to 16 weeks).
6. A good turbine needs a good foundation, so, having received foundation drawings from us, You can start looking for a local company that is able to pour 3x2x2 m of concrete - or You can let us handle it to save time! Same applies to installing the cable between grid connection point and wind turbine installation site.
7. And now it is finally the time for installation and comissioning! Once the second half of the payment has been transferred to our account, a local electrical contractor should handle it with a two man crew, one or two days (depending on the weather) and a lot of text and video material from us on how to do it right. And of course, we can handle that for You too!
8. And now, after clarifying some technical formalities with the grid company, You can start saving money and saving environment at the same time!
9. Spending a couple of hours once a year for maintenance will make sure that Your turbine will last whole 20 years and more, so You can relax and think about what to do next... and if it involves getting another wind turbine or expanding Your renewable energy installation with solar or battery power - You know who are You going to call.